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I am a wife and Mom to 2 daughters who are two of my favorite people to spend time with. Teaching them to be thinking, strong and compassionate young women is my most important job.
I am also a Digital Communications Strategist. I have been with IBM for 16 years and have handled all areas of website development, website management and interactive marketing. I am interested in how people find and share information, and how that impacts the ways in which we learn, buy and give. I'm a new triathlete, a little bit of a junkie already. Though I'm a novice to the sport, it has already changed my life. I'm a perpetual volunteer. I manage the website and communications for a non-profit research foundation devoted to a rare genetic disorder. I'm also an animal lover and share my home with our 2 big rescue dogs. I believe in the power of small, every day actions to change the world. You can learn more about me at lauraorban.com
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