Gov. Malloy Signs Education Bill at Norwalk Community College

Malloy signed into law a bill that will focus on expanding the assistance provided to college students who need it.


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy stopped by Wednesday afternoon to sign into law measures that will add, "extra support for college students who need help in their regular courses and ensure that graduating high school seniors are better prepared for the rigors of higher education," according to the Governor's office.

"We have to make sure we're doing things to help our students obtain a degree in a reasonable amount of time," Malloy said. "We have to guarantee a level of success at any one of our institutions. Connecticut is not as prepared as it should be."

Public Act 12-40, An Act Concerning College Readiness and Completion, would seek to help students on either end of the spectrum who may need assistance. Additional remedial support would be added to entry-level classes and an intensive college readiness experience would be made available for others.

The bill hopes to provide a more fulfilling experience for those who need help, those who need more of a challenge and those who are no longer interested in pursuing a college education.

"I know college is not necessarily for everyone," Malloy said.

The bill was introduced by the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee and was co-sponsored by 17 different representatives and 9 senators.

“There is no question that the connection between a quality education and the ability to get a quality job has never been as important as it is today,” Lt. Governor Wyman said.  “This bill will help prepare our young people entering college to focus on their goal of graduating in timely fashion with the skills that are needed in this challenging job market.”

Malloy signed the bill with 13 separate pens.


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