MAP: How Long Do People Stay in Your Town

Mapping how long Connecticut residents stick around after they buy a home and where new homeowners are coming from.

So far in our journey to find the best communities in Connecticut to buy a home, we’ve looked at how much it costs the average homeowner to live in a given town and how much they can expect to make at a local job.

This week, we’re looking at homeownership trends showing how long residents have lived in their towns, how many new residents moved in and where they came from.

Check out the interactive map above, labeled by the median years homeowners have lived in that zip code, and find information on the total number of owner-occupied households, the number of homeowners in the same house 1 year ago and the number of new homeowners.

The data also shows the number of new homeowners to come from within the same county, from a different county, different state and different country; as well as percent of totals for each.

Find out more about each metric below and view the towns and communities with the most and least new homeowners here.


Median Years in Town: The median number of years (counting from 2013) a homeowner has lived in town. Based off of when a resident first moved into an owner-occupied home within their current town.

Total Households: The total number of owner-occupied households within the zip code.

Same House 1 Year Ago: The number of current homeowners who were in the same home at least 1 year before. (Percent of Total: Percent of total households.)

New Homeowners: Number of new residents living in owner-occupied homes who did not live in/own a home in that zip code the year before. (Per Capita: New homeowners compared to total number of households.)

Moved within County: Number of new homeowners that owned a home within the same county 1 year earlier. (Percent: Percent of new homeowners.)

Moved from Different County: Number of new homeowners in a zip code that lived in a different Connecticut county the year before. (Percent: Percent of new homeowners.)

Moved from Different State: Number of new homeowners in a zip code that previously lived in a state other than Connecticut. (Percent: Percent of new homeowners.)

Moved from Abroad: Number of new homeowners immigrated to Connecticut from outside the U.S. (Percent: Percent of new homeowners.)
Jim Eastwood May 12, 2014 at 05:31 PM
ON FAIR?? Field Long Enough to RAISE Taxes and then they LEAVE !!!! Have a Great Day(and Just Pay and Pay)!!!


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