Transpo Committee Moves Toll Bill Forward; Scribner Votes 'No'

A bill to allow for tolls on Connecticut roads under construction passes committee.

The state legislature’s Transportation Committee voted in favor of a toll proposal that would be solely dedicated for any new construction, specifically on Route 11 in eastern Connecticut. The bill could possibly be used if any new lanes are built or constructed on other Connecticut highways, according to the lead Republican on the committee Brookfield’s Rep. David Scribner.

The bill, which passed the committee 23-12, would allow for tolls on roads under construction until the balance on that work is fully paid down.

Rep. Scribner voted “No” on the proposal at a committee vote Friday, March 18. 

“I continue to oppose any re-institution of tolls in Connecticut,” Scribner, who is opposed to the reinstitution of tolls for a myriad of reasons, said. “This proposal today opens a Pandora’s box which could possibly be used to expand the usage of tolls to any new construction project. I continue to believe tolls are bad public policy for the state of Connecticut.”

“Why would we risk jeopardizing federal transportation funding, especially since Connecticut receives one of the largest returns of federal dollars out of all the 50 states for transportation?” he continued. “In the 12 years as legislator, the constituents of Bethel and Brookfield have consistently been against the re-instituting of tolls.”

“Now that the bill is out of the Transportation Committee, I encourage everyone to contact their legislators and Governor Malloy’s office with their thoughts and concerns on tolls because this is truly the type of policy that would affect the every-day quality of life in our region.”

Steven DeVaux March 22, 2011 at 12:25 AM
But he supported a property tax increase in Brookfield last year. Oh he doesn't own any property in Brookfield? He's upset at the tolls he will be paying to go to Hartford every day.
Michael L. Zezza March 28, 2011 at 10:33 PM
Its sad how patch has become a faceless battleground for political jabbing. I have seen our kids deal with text messaging better.
Gordon Markiewicz March 28, 2011 at 10:52 PM
"But he supported a property tax increase in Brookfield last year..." What does THIS statement have to do with Mr. Scribner doing his job as a State Legislator for his constituents? Somebody needs to get a life!


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