Brookfield Police Taser Man Attempting 'Suicide by Cop'

Brookfield police tasered a man who allegedly planned to kill himself by attacking officers with a knife.

Brookfield police sent “multiple units” to 370 Candlewood Lake Road Thursday evening after a local man called police dispatch to tell them he had several knives and intended to “commit suicide by cop,” intentionally putting police into a situation where they would be forced to kill him.

Officers arrived at the scene to find the man, whose identity has not been released, sitting on the front lawn of 370 Candlewood Lake with a knife in his hand. According to accounts, the man got up off the ground and began to advance with the knife, at which point police tasered him.

Officers were able to subdue the man without mortal injury — tasering him and wrestling the knife out of his hands — and he was transported to Danbury Hospital for treatment “without further incident.”


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Andrew Turkenkopf July 20, 2012 at 02:33 PM
If you tell them beforehand and only have knives is it a real attempt?
Peter NAPOLI July 20, 2012 at 03:01 PM
probably not, but its' obvious his elevator is not going all the way to the top floor
Chris Delia July 20, 2012 at 03:19 PM
Only a knife? Andrew as a former police officer that has faced people armed “Only: with a knife, I can tell you first hand that they can a lot of damage. This person thought that he could force the police to shoot him by advancing on them, but thankfully the Brookfield Police are highly professional and are well trained to handle these types of situations. Trust me if they weren’t, this man may have gotten his wish.
Andrew Turkenkopf July 20, 2012 at 06:25 PM
I meant a knife as opposed to a projectile weapon or like a hostage situation that would prohibit close encounters at all. And it was also combined with the fact that he told them he was intending to commit suicide by cop beforehand, so I would think they were more prepared than say a random suspect pulled a knife and charged. Which yes, I agree, is dangerous, as I saw the Mythbuster's episode where it was shown that someone could charge with a knife and stab someone with a holstered gun from 6 or 7 yards (but of course trained officers would not enter such a situation unready.) My point was, if he was really serious about the attempt, he would have tried harder and not told them his plan beforehand in his call to dispatch, but rather put himself and them in a more dangerous situation where the more drastic action might have to be taken. Obviously, he underestimated the skill and training of the Brookfield Police . . . or he was depending on it in this cry for help and wanted (subconsciously??) to be disarmed in a non-lethal manner. Just my speculations based on the few facts reported. I was not trying to disparage any police officer or undersell the real threats and dangers they have to deal with everyday and all the ones they have to prepare for but hope they never do.
John henry July 20, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Congrates to the Brookfield PD. Job well done. I will say this if that guy did that down here in FL he would have got his wish I think. If you've heard in the news a sanford man was shot and killed by a police officer for answering his door with a gun visible. Stay safe up there.
Merredith Christos July 20, 2012 at 10:11 PM
Great Job Brookfield PD! Drew, you have NO idea what police officers go thru in scenarios like this...a pair of scissors is a deadly weapon when being lodged into someones stomach. My husband has gone to these calls before & they are down right scary & selfish on the "victims" part. A police officer is trained to handle all calls with a worse-case scenario, and luckily Brookfield handled it extremely well & weren't forced to use a deadly weapon.
Andrew Turkenkopf July 21, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Merredith, did you read my follow up post? I was trying to put some logic to the perpetrator's actions. He told dispatch what his plan was. Normally, one attempting to commit suicide by cop creates a more dangerous, unpredictable, unknown situation and does not warn the police of his exact intentions. Of course any unstable person with any form of weapon is a danger, and of course the situation was extremely stressful, tense and put multiple lives at risk. But to suggest that one can have "NO idea what police officers go thru in scenarios like this" just demeans the human ability to empathize, imagine and relate. Yes, I can't truly truly truly truly have the same experience, but I can get pretty darn close. I'm sorry that my first statement made it seem like I was being flippant about the situation. I was just examining it from a psychological point of view, about what the guy's state of mind was, what his intentions were. A lot of suicide attempts are cries for helps more than true true attempts. Of course one can't discern which this was from the little bit of details known (perhaps no one ever will,) but I was suggesting that, hypothetically, if he truly intended the outcome of 'suicide by cop" (which I agree is a horrible, selfish way to do it, harming many a good man/woman doing their duty/job,) he would have acted in a manner more conducive to danger than a warning and close range weapon. No disrespect to police or family intended.
Paul Horvath July 21, 2012 at 03:12 PM
I saw this actually happen because I am a candlewood shores resident and noticed the police vehicles as I was leaving the shores....after several kicks to his body and head and the use of a taser did he finally become complient...good thing nobody took a video of it or they would be dealing with a Rodney king type situation
Jim Eastwood July 21, 2012 at 09:55 PM
To SAll Nice job Brookfield PD To all the critics, if you Think you can do it better, THEN TAKE THE TEST and Wear the Badge. The "Rodney King"" comment was Out of line !!! Have Great and Safe day and Thank your Police!!!
Andrew Turkenkopf July 22, 2012 at 03:01 AM
Yeah, for the most part, I don't even begin to assume that I can tell whether what police officers do to subdue a suspect/perpetrator is proper or not. Dangerous, unpredictable people are just that, dangerous and unpredictable. Don't resist or struggle while being arrested because first if you think you are going to get away, you aren't. Police are too well trained to allow that. Second, they don't know if you are going for a weapon of some sort. They are protecting the public and themselves. And I'd rather there be some bruises and someone getting tased rather than someone getting shot, And to Jim: I agree that the "Rodney King" line was inappropriate, and I also admit that I (speaking for myself) couldn't handle the pressure of the job of Police officer, one should still be allowed to express opinions that might be critical even if they don't wish too or can't do the job. (depending on the criticism. Obviously if some one was like "Oh, being a police officer is easy, blah blah blah . . ." they would be in the wrong and should just shut up.)
richie lange August 01, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Brookfield police Highly professional they dont even know the laws about 80% of the force would arrest there own mothers and perform illegal search and sezures all the time they dont even know how to pat someone down properly sticking there hands in pockets and basically strip searching you on the street and forget about it if you want towait for a store to open and stand out side the door apparently your breaking in yeah good job almedia yeah keep the special ed classes up maybe some day you'll learn how to speak properly reading people there rights
Sarah Quintard August 08, 2012 at 08:10 AM
Some of the comments made about the police force are disrepectful and disgusting. I am ashamed to be living in a community that does not appreciate the risks these officers take putting on the uniform everyday. You individuals who are commenting on a single event - if you have a legitimate issue regarding how something is handled you should go and file an actual complaint in the department, not just gossip on an article comments. I highly doubt the validity of your claims against the officers who responded to this call.
Cheryl Lynne O August 25, 2012 at 12:56 AM
Funny how there is a direct correlation between suicide rates and countries with deregulated capitalist economies! years ago when I was 23, I had tried this in Daytona beach, Florida; after police chase running out into Nova Rd. yelling " shoot me pig!" of course the Mickey's malt Liquors and like 40 phenobarbital's before the Ronny James Dio concert helped. when your life is nothing but a financial hassle, death often makes more sense than living life in the " struggle" [ That or homicide in a gang shooting, a fact well known in places like Bridgeport's East End Hood.]


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