"Shoot the Coyotes When They Come Near Your House"

The day's most provocative and otherwise best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.

BETHEL: “I say shoot the coyotes when they come near your house.” —So said Bethel Patch user in responding to others in the in the area.

FAIRFIELD: “The food needs a little pizzaz, the therapists are a bit slow, but the programs are good.” —That’s what one Fairfield Patch user, , said about Connecticut Health of Southport , which offers physical rehabilitation services.

GREENWICH: “Instead of banning the dogs we should all press our politicians for extremely strict laws on heavy penalties for breeders, fighting dog operators and owners who keep these particular breeds in rough conditions so as to make them mad with aggression.” — That’s what said in that talked about how people show unwarranted fear for pit bulls.

NEW CANAAN: “What great MEMORIES I have when I used to be ALLOWED to HANG OUT. Now, I come home and have to do nonsense while ALL the rest of you enjoy your merry little lives w NOT a care in the world. My life Stinks !!” — So lamented New Canaan Patch’s own in response to this week’s

WILTON: “Obamacare will not accomplish anything but less access, increased costs and much lower quality.....it will also limit innovation.” — That’s part of a comment from in response to a and discusses why, at least from the writer’s point of view, so-called “Obamacare” is a good thing.


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