YIR: Most Read Stories of the Year

The Top 10 (11) Most Read Stories of the Year.

Maggie O’Connor

The two most read articles of the year both centered on the tragic loss of eight-year-old Maggie O’Connor in July. The young girl was in the family SUV in the driveway when the car began to roll down the steep hill, eventually striking a grove of trees, killing her on impact. Readership on was high, however even more readers logged on to was and what was lost in that tragic accident, making it our No. 1 story.

Dex Smenyak

The second most read story was , who passed away in November just short of his 24th birthday. Smenyak and his family are well known in the community and the news of the loss was felt by many.

Echo Bay Suicide

The third most read story also involved a death, that of a New Jersey woman, in the waters of on Candlewood Lake Road. First responders attempted a rescue when they realized there was someone in the vehicle, however Tonia was dead before they arrived. Her death was later ruled a suicide.

Principal Luizzi Leaves

Then- (BHS) to become the principal of New Canaan High School. The news came as a surprise to many and the article became the fourth most read topic of 2011.

Bobcat Thought Mountain Lion

While bobcat sightings abounded this summer, it was that made it into the Top 10 Most Read. According to a Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) wildlife biologist, the feline was a large bobcat, as evidenced by the tail and fur coat.

Two Ways to Brine a Turkey

One of last year’s most read stories came back for round two this Thanksgiving, with . Maybe it was the appetizing photos or just the time of year, but this simple recipe piece came in at No. 6 on this year’s Top 10.

Brookfielder Joins Jets Cheer Squad

A Brookfield native and former BHS dance team captain this year.

New Bully Law

Gov. Dannel Malloy signed a new bill into law this year strengthening penalties for bullying and putting more emphasis on schools to act when a student’s education is affected. The bill comes , brought on from constant bullying.

Photo Album: Storm Damage

More than 70 percent of the town was without power the day after a brutal June thunderstorm, however that didn’t stop Brookfielders from logging on . Brookfield Patch photographer Matt Dewkett was about and about during the deluge and got some great photos of the destruction and chaos.

Fatal Crash

On August 3, the night before, 68-year-old Naldo Rosiello. Rosiello was traveling north on Whisconier Road when he apparently passed away and crashed his vehicle into a tree just south of the library.


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