Aquarion Acquires Brookfield Water Company

With latest acquisition, Aquarion poised to manage most of Brookfield's water systems.

Aquarion Water Company announced Wednesday its purchase of Brookfield Water Company (BWC). The water systems serve approximately 200 residential and commercial customers in Brookfield.

Aquarion also serving 320 customers in Brookfield, and from Black Systems, which serve 119 Brookfield customers.  Collectively, these systems serve a population of approximately 2,000 residents within the town.

As a result of these acquisitions, the company is positioned to offer a cohesive, long-term solution to the town’s water needs that has been lacking. Aquarion President and CEO Charles V. Firlotte said the BWC systems acquired by Aquarion serve the northern half of Brookfield and possess an abundant supply of water, complimenting the company’s recent acquisition of Rural Water Company’s systems, which serve the southern half of Brookfield. 

“We have purchased these systems in Brookfield to address long-standing water quality and supply issues that have plagued the town for many years,” Firlotte said. “Aquarion is now better able to provide safe, quality, reliable water service to all of Brookfield’s families and businesses.”

The recent Brookfield acquisitions are part of Aquarion’s strategic growth initiative of purchasing water systems throughout the state.

“With the expansion of our Brookfield operations, as well as our operations throughout the state, we are strengthening our commitment to provide Connecticut’s residents with excellent service and high quality water,” said Firlotte. “We stand ready to help Brookfield establish a reliable, safe, water supply that will meet the future demands of the town for years to come and assist the town’s long-term plan for economic development.”

Marty Foncello May 27, 2011 at 10:41 PM
This article is also misleading. Again, Aquarion may have announced its INTENTION to purchase Brookfield Water, but they don't own it yet. I wonder if SB wrote this article!


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