Ronnie's Stops Selling Gas, Closing Store

Ronnie's Service Center will no longer have gas or a store, but the garage will stay open.

, long the only place to fill up on Candlewood Lake Road and the closest store to the homes on Candlewood Shores and the surround area, has stopped selling gasoline and will be closing their small convenience store.

Owner and namesake Ronnie Baiad has been selling gasoline at the service station since it opened along with the garage in November 1979.

“It’s just not economical anymore,” Baiad said, stating that he has been losing money on gas for the last year and half. “Mostly it’s a convenience for my customers.”

The tanks currently installed on the property are aged and need to be replaced, Baiad explained, prompting him to discontinue the service.

The auto repair side of the business will remain, with Baiad, his son Peter and a third mechanic, Shawn Harrington. Without gas the shops hours may change slightly, closing an hour earlier, 5 p.m., and possibly opening later some mornings, though Baiad said he is usually up and at the shop early every morning.

Though the garage will still be open, along with the gas pumps will go the small store, however Baiad said he’ll probably still keep the coffee out for the regulars.

Stanley Parker March 18, 2011 at 05:27 PM
Another thought on Ronnie. Where else can you go and pay money to get harrassed?
mike murphy March 19, 2011 at 12:53 AM
what i remember when i moved here in 1972 was carlson's esso. then it was don's exxon then ronnie took over and you get gas, a repair and ronnie to come to your house to start your car in -10 degree weather. if you needed a repair you left your car and someone would drive you home and a few hours later you'd look out and your car was in the driveway. all you had to do was stop in and pay him. you can't pay enough for service like that. plus ronnie is a good friend to me and my wife and judy is a sweetheart
Ellen Assad March 19, 2011 at 02:43 AM
OMG! Ronnies been cheating on us! We thought were the only ones whose house he came to, to start our car, drive us home, left our car in the driveway, dropped everything because the check engine light was on, AND harrassed us! Oh...and bought us magnets for our collection on every trip he's been on and had his customers buy them for us as well. We feel totally violated! That said...we've counted on them for over 20 years, and they have never let us down! :)
An_opinion November 16, 2011 at 09:38 AM
Well Ronnie's is closing for good. There goes a great part of the "hometown" feeling of Brookfield. When you took your car to Ronnies , or you where fortunate enough to have your car picked up by Ronnie, you could ALWAYS be sure the work was done in an honest reasonably priced personally backed way. My wife and I have been using Ronnies for 23+ years now and towards the end my daughters wouldn't trust their cars with anyone but Ronnie. How many times has Ronnie helped us all out in some way? Ronnie wold fix my daughters cars and let them pay when they got their next paycheck... how many places value their customers as much as Ronnie and his family did! Ronnie you will be missed by many. You were not only our "Car Doctor" but you were a friend, someone who knew your name and your family, a trusted core member of Brookfield business.. There are none like you anymore. Enjoy your retirement knowing you truly provided a great service for the people of Brookfield. You will be missed, fondly remembered ... it's like a part of the family is moving away. You and Judy enjoy your retirement you truly deserve it. You are one of the few "good people" around Brookfield.. Our family hopes your family has many happy easy years ahead of you.. and for all the times you bailed us out in a pinch.. Thanks VERY MUCH our friend. The Wilk's
Suzen Pettit November 16, 2011 at 12:37 PM
what am i going to do without Ronnie to come over to jump start my car on snowy mornings? Who else would warn me not to drive that piece of ____ across state lines? They don't make family businesses, or people like Ronnie, Judy or Peter anymore. I passed by the emptying shop on Monday, got all choked up, and had to call from my car to make sure they're not gone yet. This family business will be sorely missed by many, especially me.


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