Chris Goodrich
When I applied to college at 17 -- yes, I'm up there, that was 1973 -- I put down "freelance writer" as my career goal.  And by golly, that's largely what happened...although I've had "real" jobs along the way, such as legal journalist in San Francisco, book columnist for the Los Angeles Times, and publishing reporter in New York City.  But my greatest passion, writing-wise, has been books -- I've written books on legal education, building a sports car from a kit, and on Habitat for Humanity -- check 'em out on Amazon, or my never-updated (sigh) website -- and a (so far) unpublished novel.
You'll notice two things from the paragraph above -- a major California connection, and that my books always seem to involve doing something.  (Editors didn't like my working title for the Habitat book, Talk is Cheap -- can't imagine why!!!)  Because I realized, in my 40's, that I was less interested in getting rich / famous / respected through writing, than helping create a more just / caring / comfortable world for everyone...because I couldn't be happy if everyone didn't have at least the opportunity to be happy. Yup, there's the California stuff again...where I hope to get back to, eventually.
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