New School Bus Company Drives Savings

All-Star Transportation's Winning Bid Will Save The District 350K Over 5 Years.

All-Star Transportation's winning bid to provide bus service to Brookfield students will save the district $350,000 over the next five years.  

The contract was still being revised at the Board of Education's Business and Facilities Sub-Committee meeting on March 10th at the town school offices. Pending approval by both parties, the contract will cover bus transportation services to Brookfield Schools for the next 5 academic years.

According to comments by Art Colley, Director of Business and Technology Operations for the Board of Education, every effort will be made to maintain the current staff through the transition from First Student to All-Star Transportation. Although contracts have not yet been finalized or signed, plans are being made to keep management and drivers employed and in place.

There is no guarantee that All-Star Transportation will provide superior service and safety while transporting Brookfield students, but they will provide some substantial upgrades.

GPS will be standard on all buses, enabling the managing office to locate a bus immediately. The ability to know the location of each bus at all times is helpful in case of a breakdown or delay and it enables the management team to accurately inform parents of the situation.

Surveillance cameras will also be standard on board all district buses. They will not provide streaming video or be monitored full time, but they will provide the ability to accurately evaluate any incidents that take place on board the buses.

Four bids were submitted in February to the Board of Education to provide transportation for Brookfield's students. Bidders included the town's current bus company, First Student, All-Star Transportation, Dattco and STH.

First Student has held Brookfield's school transportation contract for the past five years. It is the largest school bus transportation company in the US, transporting more than 4 million students daily with their fleet of 60, 000 buses.


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