Per-Pupil Spending: The 16 Highest School Districts in CT

Counting down the school districts with the highest cost per student in Connecticut.

Graphic by Aaron Boyd.
Graphic by Aaron Boyd.
With school districts and towns across the state finalizing their education budget proposals, Patch is looking at per-student spending district-by-district.

This week, we’re counting down the 16 districts with the highest spending per pupil for the 2012-13 academic year.

The numbers — compiled by the State Department of Education (SDE) Bureau of Grants Management — compare the net expenditures for all 219 school districts against the average enrollment (membership) to determine spending per pupil.

The majority of the towns and districts to make the highest per pupil list are smaller, serving less than 1,000 students.

While this information is interesting, what exactly does it mean? Check back Monday for SDE classifications for schools across the state and comparisons based on spending.

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Linda Gould March 01, 2014 at 09:33 AM
was the spending on education? or was it more for reconstruction for offices? What does anyone care,,,they do whatever they hell they like, and when talked to by the public they don't have the B---- to look the public in the face. You know the teachers are dedicated, the board is dedicated to their own pockets. The staff in this regional on the custodian side are lazy, job evoding smart a----. the real profession is make like a RUG,,,,,:LIE". If the country is anything like these sloches the students have a great example of the American work force. If Connecticut got out more to their board meetings they fire everyone. This year we start over with more new members,,,,,,,here is their chance to make their mark in excelllance....I have a relitive that works their,,I know!!


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