Malloy to Seek $3.2 Billion For Hurricane Sandy Cleanup

The money is part of $81 billion being sought by Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will seek $3.2 billion in federal funds for cleanup efforts related to Hurricane Sandy.   

In a conference call Thursday with the state’s congressional delegation, Malloy officials said they would seek $620 million for the state and its municipalities for storm prevention and mitigation measures ($495 million for municipalities and $125 million for the state).  The additional $2.5 billion would go toward upgrading power transmission systems; replacing and improving the current electrical grid infrastructure, relocating some power lines underground and the establishing micro-grids in selected high-density areas. 

Connecticut’s request for federal funds is part of some $81 billion being sought by Connecticut, New York and New Jersey for rebuilding after Sandy. New York is seeking $41 billion and New Jersey wants $36.9 billion, according to a report in the Hartford Courant.

“While our state was not impacted as severely as New York or New Jersey during Storm Sandy, we have seen substantial damage from three storms now that occurred in a little more than a year’s time.

“Changing weather patterns are a reality, and we must assume that the worst Mother Nature can throw at us hasn’t happened yet.  This funding would allow us to invest in a few areas that would put us in a better position to handle the inevitable when it occurs. It would allow us to revamp our power distribution system by expanding the use of microgrids and burying power lines in high-density areas.  It would give us the chance to fortify our coastline in a way that will protect us from future flooding while doing nothing to diminish the beauty of our coastline.  And it would give us the ability to mitigate future environmental damage by investing in the sewage treatment plants that spill over into Long Island Sound with disturbing regularity during weather related events,” Malloy said.

Combined, Connecticut sustained more than $1 billion in damage from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, the October nor’easter last year and Storm Sandy, Malloy said.

Paul Alexander November 30, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Well...all the Florida counties cite in the HuffPo report have been solidly controlled by DEMOCRATS for years. You make it too easy Sully.
Veritas vos liberabit November 30, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Keep spinning it Rasmussen (is your guy Allen West still loking for votes?). Last week Michael Froomkin, a distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Miami put forward a discussion of whether the new super-majority Republican Florida state legislature is in the grip of nutbags. Is the Florida Legislature an insane asylum run by high functioning mentally ill, or, is it a barely legal, criminal syndicate protected by corporate-run political action committees? Whatever, legislators and lobbyists are baying at the moon– these are the business interests– the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Associated Industries and jack-ass-in-chief Barney Bishop, Big Ag ie. Big Sugar– promoting legislation that says, in fact, Florida has to live in the stinking mess it created; this sea of pollution that rings the state.
Paul Alexander November 30, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Well...cut and paste all the links you want Sully. Froomkin is a well-known leftist attorney "Hiding Out" in academia as an L-School prof down in Coral Gables probably because he couldn’t make it in the real world of for profit lawyering. But if it’s as bad here in FLA as you say then you've got to wonder why the 2010 census shows the Connecticut population rising much less than the national average and the Florida population rising much faster than the national average. People are voting with their feet and ejecting from Connecticut like they had dual engine failure. And since it is going from bad to worse in CT since the 2010 census you can expect more people fleeing the People's Democratic Republic of Connecticut. The 2020 census should be interesting. I meet new people all the time who are retired and have left NY, NJ, CT for the fiscal sanity of FL. Never met ONE retiree who has left FL for CT.
Paul Alexander November 30, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Sully / McMurphy has a "man crush" on me. It's oddly perverted but also a bit flattering.
Richard Hooker December 01, 2012 at 03:53 PM
Yep, Malloy will be a happy camper again with the ol bait and switch. More than likely he'll start a new version of fast and furious with his new found buddies.


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