Letter to the Editor: Move the Budget Vote to Saturday

Letter from Brookfield resident Stanley Parker on Saturday budget votes.

To the Editor: 

Many have pointed out the American tradition of voting on Tuesdays as a wonderful thing. For federal and state November elections, they are absolutely right. Local referendums are a different story.

Thanks to those attending the Annual Town Meeting, the first budget vote last year (2011) was on a Saturday and Brookfield had a turnout of about 600 more voters than the one vote this year (2012). The second vote also took place on a Saturday. Yes, the second vote was on Memorial Day weekend, but the turnout was nearly 1,000 more than the one vote held this year. 

In 2011, Brookfield's first voter turnout far surpassed that of Bethel, New Fairfield, New Milford, Newtown, Redding, Ridgefield and Sherman. In 2012, to date, Brookfield's turnout has been beaten by several of these towns. It seems that a Tuesday vote, despite tradition, disenfranchises many weekend property owners and those who commute far out of town.

I believe that regardless of individual voting preferences, most if not all townsfolk want to include as many voters as possible in the decision making of Brookfield. How about we do the right thing next year? Attend the Annual Town Meeting and move the vote Saturday. 

Stanley Parker

Diogenes May 30, 2012 at 12:54 AM
Stan is absolutely right! People who spend only 2/7 days in our town certainly need more of an opportunity to vote. An absentee ballot is far too difficult to obtain and can be complicated to use. If we ever plan to win the battle against the socialist scourge of public education in Brookfield, we must make it easier for those that stand to lose the least to participate!


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