Del Mar Businesses to Get Clean Water

Residents approved water line extension to 13 Brookfield businesses.

Brookfield registered voters and property owners unanimously approved a at a town meeting Wednesday night. The 1,900-linear-foot extension off is budgeted at $397,800, to be bonded and repaid by the users over a .

[Residents also voted on () and Wednesday night.]

With the approval, the bidding process can begin to get the new water line installed this year in conjunction with a public sewer system extension down the commercial road.

According to the town’s water consultant, Martin Handshy, the 13 property owners on Del Mar Drive “came to the town and requested that it be a project,” he said, adding that he is “very comfortable that this is a good number [$397,800] and the goal is to come in under it.”

Handshy also noted the timing of the project, stating that it would make sense to do it now “so that Del Mar Drive isn’t repaved and repaved again.”

The 83 registered voters and two property owners in attendance Wednesday night approved the project unanimously with no discussion.

Steven DeVaux April 05, 2012 at 09:41 AM
Tenants on Del Mar owe a collective amount over $55,000 in past due taxes and they get water and new pavement while homes are foreclosed on in Brookfield? ABSOLUTE COMMUNICATIONS 14 DEL MAR DR $2,152.32 AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL CASTING 55 DEL MAR DR $1,076.20 BURNS EDWARD J 87 DEL MAR DR $1,056.25 C & D MOVING & STORAGE INC 46 DEL MAR DR $772.77 CONNECTICUT WASTE OIL 33 DEL MAR DR $8,273.20 FYI INC DELMAR 34 DEL MAR DR $562.68 KING LANDSCAPING & TREE SVC Call tax collector's office at (203)775-7304 MILANO WATCHBANDS 34 DEL MAR DR $934.61 MILANO WATCHBANDS 34 DEL MAR DR $4,312.83 MR ELECTRIC OF WESTERN CONNECTICUT 33 DEL MAR DR $1,652.20 MUSICAL ARTS SCHOOL & STUDIO 14 DEL MAR DR $802.33 NOBLE FOREIGN AUTO PARTS INC 14 DEL MAR DR $2,797.24 REALISTIC BARTENDING INSTRUCTION 34 DEL MAR DR $1,328.93 ROWLAND & SONS STEEL CORP 55 DEL MAR DR $6,588.33 ROWLAND HOLDINGS INC 55 DEL MAR DR $19,870.89 S & T SCHAFFER 34 DEL MAR DR $664.49 TIMELESS BODY 14 DEL MAR DR $1,832.30 VICTOR MARKETING 33 DEL MAR DR $1,382.02 Tax Deadbeats OWE (PAST DUE AND PAYABLE) $55,124.98
bruce b. taylor April 06, 2012 at 08:57 PM
maybe you should work on your research skills a little harder . many on your list have been out of bussiness for years.
Steven DeVaux April 10, 2012 at 03:56 AM
So they got away with it? The list is from the town tax collectors listing she provided me with.


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