Carlo Leone, Barry Michelson, Ron Sala, State Senate 27th District

Election Day 2012

"It would've been nice to go all the way," Leone said of the Democrats lost races admist a majority of wins in Stamford. "But we're doing good. We had a lot of strong campaigns and we never take anything for granted. We kept working hard until the very end toward our goals."

Leone said he felt pretty good about his campaign and had faith in the citizens that they would have faith in him.

"I was feeling OK," he said. "I always get nervousduring election time, though. The only thin you can do is work hard. I think we've done that here."

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Leone joined Board of Ed candidate Delores Burgess Tuesday morning in greeting arriving voters at Springdale School. When asked how confident he felt going into Election Day, he told Patch that he wasn't taking anything for granted, which is why he is spending the day greeting voters.

"You can never assume anything, you always have to follow through right until the end and this is all part of the voting process, so it's always a fun ride, but it's nervewracking at the same time," Leone said.

We're at a critical junction," Leone added. "There's a lot of divisivness I'm always hopeful that we can try and pull people back to together and talk through the issues and realize that the other side is not that much different from we are, just maybe they have a different path on how to get there. So I think once we get to that point, things can get done."

Original Story

Incumbent Democratic Senator Carlo Leone gears up to take on Republican Barry Michelson and the Green Party's Ron Sala for the State Senate 27th District Seat.

During recent debates held in Darien, Leone said Connecticut needs to get better at competing with other states who are better at wooing companies with tax incentives and similar initiatives.

Michelson said the state needs to keep taxes lower and do so by streamlining and cutting back on spending, though Leone countered that state Legislature and Gov. Dannel Malloy cut back considerably on spending. Michelson said the cuts didn't go far enough.

"What's the reaction [...]? The small businesses are coming," Leone responded.


Quick Facts

  • Michelson is a Stamford Zoning Board Member, and is a builder, developer and entrepreneur himself.
  • Leone was a state Representative prior to his win as a state Senator, and has been an elected official for more than ten years.


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