Brookfield Board of Education Seeking New Member

The Brookfield Board of Education is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy. Credit: Brookfield BOE website
The Brookfield Board of Education is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy. Credit: Brookfield BOE website
Originally posted by Lisa Morelli on Patch

The Brookfield Board of Education is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy resulting from the resignation of Board of Education member Greg Beck. The Board of Education will make the selection, and the newly appointed member's term will be through the election of November 2015.

By statute, the replacement must be a Democrat or Unaffiliated. Interested Brookfield residents are asked to submit a letter stating their reasons for interest to serve on the Board of Education.

Applicants are asked to send a letter of interest along with a brief resume outlining their education and professional or other experiences that they believe would contribute to being an effective board member to:

Scott McCarthy, Chairman
PO Box 5194
Brookfield, CT  06804

The deadline for applications is Friday, Jan. 24. The Board of Education will interview applicants shortly thereafter.

For further information, please contact the superintendent:

Anthony J. Bivona
PO Box 5194
Brookfield, CT  06804

JM January 11, 2014 at 11:10 AM
LFerrara, the article said the replacement must be either a Democrat or Unafilliated. Someone who is a member of a minority party. Since A Brookfield Party has only three members two who are already elected officals and the third who just resigned, it would be impossible for a candidate to come from that political "party".
LFerrara January 11, 2014 at 11:46 AM
Ok. Correct me if I'm wrong, I just want to understand better. We have 7 members on our Board of Education. 4 Rep, 2 Dem, 1ABP (resigned). According to state statute, an ABP position must be replaced with another ABP member. (I'm just talking about the laws, not about the fact that ABP is clearly small). Also, I thought that according to our state statute with a BOE of 7 members, the majority party may have 5. That being the case, why then, if the position is being offered to a Dem is it not also being offered to a Rep? I'd like to know where I'm wrong here, just for my own personal understanding, thanks.
JM January 11, 2014 at 01:22 PM
Hope this helps, Brookfield's Board of Educatiion falls under Ct. State statute 9-204a ( fun reading on a rainy day) which states that three seats must be held by members of a minority party ( Democrats are a minority party on the BOE) or Unafilliated. The position is not being offered to anyone. Any Democrat or Unafilliated voter may apply for the position. The final decision is then made by the current Board of Education, which is currently made of four Republicans and two Democrats. I have complete faith they will choose the best person for the position regardless of political affiliation.


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