Appleby, Kurtz Win Finance Board Race

Republican candidates coast from primary straight through general election.

The Republican candidates for Board of Finance (BOF), Robin Appleby and Phil Kurtz, won handedly in Tuesday’s election, trumping Democratic challengers Robert Marconi and Karen Lemire, as well as A Brookfield Party (ABP) nominee Robert Iacobello.

Appleby was the top vote getter of the night in the BOF race, with 2,148 ballots cast in his favor, or 51.2 percent of the vote. Kurtz was close behind with 1,948 votes, representing 46.4 percent of the 4,198 ballots cast on Tuesday.

Marconi trailed Kurtz by 112 votes with 1,836 (43.7 percent) and Lemire followed with 1,760 votes (41.9 percent). Iacobello came in a distant fifth with 217 votes, or 5.2 percent of ballots cast.

(Iacobello, who also ran for the Zoning Commission on the Republican line, admitted prior to Election Day that he was not aggressively campaigning for the BOF, but rather was concentrating on the Zoning race. The goal for Iacobello in the BOF race — as well as for the other ABP candidates in their respective races — was to .)

After the returns came in Tuesday night, Appleby and Kurtz were excited to have won their way onto the BOF after a long battle through , an and finally victory on Election Day.

Appleby thanked both Marconi and Lemire for running a clean campaign that kept to the issues and didn’t sink to personal attacks.

“I think everybody wants what’s good for Brookfield,” he said Tuesday night. “Sometimes the vision’s a little different, but it was really a very nice campaign… It’s just nice in a small town when you can have a beer afterward.”

Despite , Kurtz vowed that he and his running mate would “go forward with the campaign that we put forward in the first place — nothing has changed.”


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