Woman Charged for Allegedly Returning Stolen Perfume

Police charge woman with larceny for allegedly shoplifting at Kohl's.

Tracy Burr was charged with larceny in the sixth degree on December 11 as a result of a shoplifting incident at Kohl’s Department Store.

According to police, Burr selected a fragrance set off the shelf and subsequently returned it at the customer service desk using a receipt for the same product she purchased during a previous visit. Burr also attempted to steal four additional items before being confronted by loss prevention employees.

A court date has been set for December 21.

JAMIE HOWARD December 23, 2012 at 03:27 PM
do you realty think this is news worthy?have you not anything better to print than some body thaken a couple of bottles of perfume- did it ever occur to you she has a problum?an you could jeopardise her job an standing in the comminity she needs help =.my point is why not -police an politician- and so called up standing members of this so called wonderfull hypocritacal sociietywe live in who just plain help them selves [GET A LITTLE BACK BOME ] = come on patch why dont you get on the the real vampires of this goverment make you self usefull= PS I DONT NO THIS PERSON IN QUESTION JUST WANT WHAT IS RIGHT


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