Shoplifting Arrest Leads to ICE Detention

Two arrested for shoplifting; one held for federal agency.

Two New Jersey residents were arrested for shoplifting Sunday evening, one of whom is wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Irena Nowak, 63, of Freehold, NJ, and John Nowak, 26, of Freehold, were accused of shoplifting from in Brookfield at around 8:12 p.m. They were both arrested and charged with larceny in the sixth degree and conspiracy to commit larceny.

John was released on $250 bond with a court date set in Danbury Superior Court for September 7, however, during processing it was discovered that Irena had an active warrant for her arrest issued by ICE. She was held based on an ICE Detainer while waiting to be transferred into federal custody.


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