Man Killed in New Milford Propane Blast

Violent explosion leaves one dead and two critically injured.

A propane gas explosion in a home on Sunny Valley Road in New Milford claimed a man's life shortly before 7 p.m. Wednesday evening and left two in critical condition.

According to reports in the Danbury News-Times and other sources, the victim was a guest helping the homeowner repair a gas leak. According to News-Times reporter John Pirro, "Only the chimney remained standing," and the blast was heard for miles.

The names of the victims have not been released, but a man and a child are in the hospital being treated for burns and lacerations.

The homeowner's wife and children left the home after smelling the gas, according to NBC New York, however the friend helping to fix the leak was accompanied by his child. No other persons were found in the home.


"It felt like an earthquake or something huge landed on the roof of the store, and it shook for a minute... but it was the house!," she commented.

, though luckily the building was vacant at the time.


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