Bus Driver Arrested After She Fails to Bring Students Home in Storm

One student walked 1.6 miles to his home in Naugatuck, while another waited 90 minutes for his father at McDonald's, police say.


A female bus driver was arrested by warrant Wednesday after a teenager accused her of forcing him to walk home 1.6 miles during a snow storm last month and another.

Police say Keyla Rivera, 36, of 37 Chapel St., New Haven, was having difficulty driving in the snow on Nov. 7 as she attempted to transport two students from their school in New Haven to their homes in Naugatuck, police said. 

At one point on the ride from New Haven to Naugatuck, Rivera's bus got stuck in Seymour and the students - 14-and-15-year-old males, respectively - tried to help get the bus moving again by helping to push it, police said. A snow plow driver eventually helped lead the bus toward Naugatuck, and Rivera drove to the McDonald's parking lot in Crosspointe Plaza on New Haven Road, Route 63.

Rivera then told the students the roads were getting too slick and she could not take them all the way home as she was supposed to, police said.

The 15-year-old called his father and waited for about 90 minutes to be picked up at McDonald's, police said. The 14-year-old walked home 1.6 miles in the snow, police said.

Rivera was charged with risk of injury and reckless endangerment.

Police said the bus is owned by First Student in New Haven. WTNH, News 8, is reporting that First Student told the station Rivera has a "fine driving record" but has been place on leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

barb December 15, 2012 at 03:59 AM
i dont believe she committed a crime, so what this kid walk home, they do it all the time when there not in school, walking all over the street past 10 at nite,were not talking about a lil kid, hes a 14 yr ,, 15 yr give me a break , ,, im sure he want farter places, the girl was scare drivin this kid home , i rather see him walk then get into a accident. so lay off this poor girl, and she dont desearve to loose her job.
Voice Of Reason December 15, 2012 at 05:25 AM
Trying to understand those that feel it's ok to have a job driving a school bus and just drop kids off where ever you chose to! So you feel she has no responsibility for their safety because kids walk around streets all the time. So just drop it bring her into the office and commend her on a job well done! Now next time she feels it's to slippery she pulls into Naugatuck drops off a bus load of kids says good luck get walking suckers? I wonder if it was your kid you'd feel the same? When she was in Seymour and got stuck thankfully she didn't make them walk from there! It is and was here responsibility to ensure their safety and should have called the police or her boss and ask what she should do. Obviously one kid wasn't ok with walking as he waited 90 mins for a ride. The older one mind you,maybe he was tired from pushing the bus! Yet another risk of injury. Imagine if the kid got ran over from the bus? The women does not belong behind the wheel of a school bus!
SILENT WOLF December 15, 2012 at 06:08 AM
If she loses her job , maybe she can get a job as a DCF. worker most of them are measure up to her mentality,,
Voice Of Reason December 15, 2012 at 02:38 PM
I will admit I had not read the report in the Wtby Republican prior to my comments here and now that I have I stand 100% behind what I've written. Here the parent called the police because their kid was not home and he walked up while the officer was there taking the report and people feel that the police are being harsh? Not in my eyes The Original Voice of Reason
SILENT WOLF December 15, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Didn't any of these scenarios come up in training ?Shouldn't these driver go thru a 1st day back training review , so that these things don't happen , like leaving kids on the bus , because they didn't clear it . As bus drivers I am sure most know they hold a big responsibility ...After reviewing the situation I would say this driver was totally wrong and should face the consequence. make her an example of what not to do... bus driver needs to know more than driving a bus they have to use common sense as well, the trainers also need to be sure these are capable people to take our kids to school and back safely.. I f she wants to hold on to her job , she needs to go through a probation period where her activities are monitored to some degree, I f not sh-- can her.


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