'Where to Start With This Partisan Hackery...?'

The day's best comments from Patch account-holders in our Fairfield County towns.

NEW CANAAN: "It may not be a glamorous business, but very necessary and they have stood the test of time in New Canaan." wrote this about in response to an article about t

NEWTOWN: "Where to start with this partisan hackery disguised as an honest appraisal of the Republican Party?" wrote this in response to an opinion piece by "Patch Back" columnist Lisa Bigelow about

WILTON: "And what about those cyclists, skateboarders, etc. who are busy yakking on a cellphone while riding? I've seen it!" wrote this in response to news that the state , highways workers and others users of roads considered to be "vulnerable."

TRUMBULL: "So, instead of smacking little kids across their butts for riding skates and skateboards in the street the senate wants to reward their parents with lawsuits." also had something to say about the


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