YSI: 'This will Only Allow More Fraud and Waste'

The Supreme Court upheld the health care mandate, and Brookfield and readers around Connecticut react to the decision.

Opposition to the Decision


"Obama had two years with a majority in the senate and the congress and he did nothing but pass obamacare, which only passed because he paid people off to vote for it. This will only allow more fraud and waste as there is in every government agency." —

Patch Neighbors

“Time to find an island where an individual still has rights and Liberty. This Government has taken over our decision making for us. Why bother with a Supreme Court anymore?” –  

“Tax Alert! The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare means that beginning in 2013 the 2.9% Medicare tax will be expanded to all rental income, dividends, interest and other unearned income. The mandate also supports the probability that the 1% bank deposit tax will be implemented in 2013. The bank tax will place a 1% fee on all deposits you make inclusive of gross receipts of a small business deposited into a bank.” –

“It is constitutional as a TAX --- a very large new TAX-- but Obama promised his plan wouldn't be a tax. It was his lawyers who when backed into a corner switch the wording while arguing the case. They did what consumers used to call "bait and switch". If you don't report it that way you are dishonest. It is a TAX- a very very large new TAX.” –

“Sad day for a formerly free America.”- 

“The USA is dead! Long live the USSA. The Supreme Court has ruled, the Federal government can force you to do anything. Failure to do their bidding will result in a tax, failure to pay the tax results in the seizure of all your property and jail.”- 

Supporting the Supreme Court


"Actually, surveys and studies by countless groups have shown that Obamacare is supported my a high majority of Americans. At least all the policies and programs. It is only when it is called Obamacare that people don't like it." —

Patch Neighbors

“Briefly, the arguments against were mainly political aiming to destabilize Obama by denying him his signature legislation--do anything to defeat him in November. After all, it was initially a Republican initiative. The arguments against were specious and full of distortions, e.g. personal medical decisions made by bureaucrats, stripping of individual liberties, massive expense, catastrophic loss of jobs, etc.” –

“Finally this ridiculous debate is over and no American in this, the greatest and wealthiest country in the world, will go without health care.” – .

“I am a Republican who approves the USSC decision. I am also almost 75 and live on Social Security and Medicare so that I have no problems with the bill that Congress passed and the President signed into law. Some who may be younger than myself may have some problem with certain parts of the new law.”-  


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