'The Term 'Under the Hood' Has New Meaning Now'

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BROOKFIELD: "I am so sorry for the children that had to witness the attack and death of their poor baby. What a horrible event. Let me now say that the Rottweiler is not the problem. It's his owners. That dog should not have been tied up outside. Chaining dogs creates possessiveness and [aggression]. The dog needs proper exercise, training and should be in a fenced in area. If you are going to own a large dog that already gets a bad rap for its breed, you have to be responsible and aware of what it is capable of if it does not have the right training and [exercise]. Getting a dog isn't a novelty - you have to put time and work into them - if you're not interested in doing that then don't get one!" wrote this in response to an article about a

NEW CANAAN: "Many thanks for this stunning piece that we should all read and heed. We satisfy ourselves by thinking of the progress that has been made since 1964. But it is not enough to say we have 'come a long way' in race relations when the memory of Trayvon's untimely and inexplicable death sears our conscience. The term 'under the hood' has new meaning now. Thanks, Chuck and Heather." wrote this in response to an opinion piece by Heather Borden Herve about the .

RIDGEFIELD: "Maybe if the school parents didn't vote for the new library, there would be more money available to the schools. But nope. We are going to spend $5 million to put in meeting rooms and comfy chairs, but we are still down many teachers and educators after firing 19 last year. Parents, you need to think ahead. You will now have to do without all those teachers... but you'll have comfy chairs. Good trade off?" wrote this in response to a .

SHELTON: "I can sum up this case in a single sentence: No one would have any clue this incident occurred if the young man wasn't black. Period. Exclamation point. There are tens of thousands of murders in the U.S. every year. Every last one of them could be sensationalized by some stretch of some rallying cry. Here the ability to do so comes with ease when it's virtually expected that when a black individual is killed it must be a race crime. Here the ability to do so comes with ease when race baiting [hypocrites] like Al Sharpton is tripping over himself to get his face on TV with one of his pre-evidence rallies. Here the ability to do so comes with ease when a President weighs in when he already has a history of putting his foot in his mouth when it comes to "suspected" race incidents." also had a strong reaction to


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