Great Escape: Laugh and Play

Find a way to de-stress without leaving home.

Remember when summer was the best time of the year? And when you didn’t look forward to September in the beginning of July? Summer can be tough on stay-at-home moms, especially if you lack the extra support of a babysitter or a family member willing to take over for an hour now and then. Often, taking a break is impossible.

There is an option. If you can’t escape them, join them! When was the last time you laughed with your kids? If your answer is anything other than just a few minutes ago, keep reading.

I know being a mom isn’t always fun. I confess, I haven’t laughed once today. I’ve broken up a couple of sibling arguments, served a pancake breakfast (no thank you’s awarded) and I’m half way through a massive laundry pile. I’m not sure I’ve even smiled yet, but I will. I’m determined to have fun with my girls today.

We can play again. We can stop standing on the sidelines, busy doing mom stuff and go out kick a ball around, swim in the lake, take a walk or read a book together. Stop super parenting, just for an hour. Laugh and play instead.

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. –A. H. Glasgow

When time alone is sparse, let your kids help soothe your stress with fun!


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