No Laws Apply to Candlewood Shores Board

This injustice to the people, without driveways and to the people that are disabled, is completely disgusting and discouraging to anyone that lives in this community.

      On January 16, 2013 Austin and I (Kevin Opinski) attended a Candlewood Shores Board meeting and asked for an ADA accommodation to park on the other side of the road. I have sent them an email on January 17, requesting the reason for denial of any accommodation for people with disabilities in regards to parking on the street or even from the beach. I went further to communicate with the board of Candlewood Shores in Brookfield, Connecticut but yet have not had a clear response on what they will do to accommodate people with disabilities. The only source that I have received in communication is an account on the Brookfield patch that claims to be the president of Candlewood Shores is board. I am currently organizing a group of concerned citizens that will be posting any cars violating any parking ordinances made by the board that they will not enforce simply because their own personal interests, such as being friend or even other board members. I will be updating this post with every car that is in violation of the parking ordinance and also forwarding those photos to the Candlewood Shores email address asking for those people to be ticketed as well. I am now urging the board to take action to eliminate bias in giving tickets to their own residents and also to comply with federal and state laws and regulations at all times.

      Please note that the document that you see below. This is the official ordinance Candlewood shore tax district on parking. Please review the following ordinance and voice your concerns that the board only enforces the rules that they feel are necessary and will not enforce the ordinance that says there shall not be any parking on any street at any time during or within the past of four hours of a storm. For people that do not live in, the shores you will clearly see if you visit that almost half of the street on Clearview Drive does not have driveways. Therefore, this ordinance that they have updated is literally impossible, unless they intend to make the Candlewood Shores community putting driveways at the owner’s expense. This injustice to the people, without driveways and to the people that are disabled is completely disgusting and discouraging to anyone that lives in this community.



Section 1 - SPEED LIMIT:

A. The established speed limit is 25 M.P.H. and should be observed at all times. The speed limit is enforced by the Town of Brookfield Police Department.



A. A valid state registration and an emissions inspection sticker is required for all boats, vehicles and trailers belonging to residents and used on CSTD roads and its right of way.


A. No vehicle shall be parked on Tax District property unless it is a registered vehicle of a resident or authorized guest of the resident.

B. No person shall park any vehicle where parking is prohibited as indicated by appropriate signs and/or markings.

C. No person shall park any vehicle within fifteen (15) feet of any fire hydrant.

D. No person shall park any vehicle within twenty-five (25) feet of an intersection or stop sign.

E. No person shall park any vehicle within the limits of any street in such a manner as to constitute a traffic hazard or to obstruct the free movement of traffic thereon, nor shall any person double park any vehicle.


A. Speedy and efficient removal of snow from the streets is hereby declared to be vital to the public health and safety of all CSTD residents and guests.

B. No person shall park any vehicle within the limits of any street during the time of falling snow, sleet or freezing rain or to obstruct or interfere with snow removal and/or sanding. This restriction applies until four (4) hours after the storm has ended.


A. The penalty for violation of any provision of this Ordinance, except speed limit violations and illegal parking during a storm, shall be a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per day.

B. The penalty for violation of the prohibition against parking on streets during storms shall be a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) per day.

C. Whenever any vehicle is found parked in violation of any of the provisions of this Ordinance, a CSTD agent shall attach to such vehicle a notice to the owner or operator thereof stating that such vehicle has been parked unlawfully and advising such owner or operator of the amount of the fine or penalty.

D. Said notice shall advise such owner or operator to mail or deliver payment of such fine to the CSTD within five (5) days of the date when such notice is attached to such vehicle.

E. There shall be a prima facie presumption that the owner of such vehicle was the person who parked such vehicle at the place where such violation occurred.

F. CSTD may arrange to tow any vehicle which does not comply with the provisions of this Ordinance. The owner of such vehicle may reclaim such vehicle upon showing proper evidence of ownership and upon paying all towing and storage charges and fines.

Date Enacted: July 27, 1988 Date Published: August 11, 1988 Date Effective: September 10, 1988

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Shores Neighbor January 29, 2013 at 01:14 PM
I think it is only fair that you state all the facts. Please visit http://www.candlewoodshores.com/cstd_pdfs/minutes.pdf for meeting minutes.
Shores Neighbor January 29, 2013 at 02:52 PM
Please reference amended ordinance 3/2012 http://www.candlewoodshores.com/pdfs/ordinances_final_2012/2012%20Vehicless%20Ord%201988-4.pdf
Kevin January 29, 2013 at 03:08 PM
the meeting minutes are not right i have a tape of the whole meeting. Please let me know if you would like to hear the real board of the shores.
Shores Neighbor January 29, 2013 at 03:20 PM
Kevin, You obviously have way too much time on your hands. The fact that you have a driveway and choose not to use it should not be a CSTD issue. As far as handicapped spaces on a road... The snow ban parking is in place so that your road can be plowed... Correct? You are aware that parking is allowed in one side of the street during storms for that very reason. I am saddened that you feel the need to plead your case on the Patch in an effort to find supporters. The fact still remains that the person you are speaking for does not have a handicapped parking permit so I am really at a loss as to why you keep asking about handicapped spaces. A ramp was installed at the beach so the beach was handicapped accessible for people who needed it. I think that you should try and focus your time and energy to be helpful not hurtful to a great community!
Kevin January 29, 2013 at 03:30 PM
That is why Deputy Chiefs Jana Erickson wanted to be "CC" on the email I sent to the board and she works for U.S. Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act. Its not me that will be taking you to court it will be the U.S. Department of Justice for not doing as the law says.
Kevin January 29, 2013 at 03:32 PM
B. No person shall park any vehicle within the limits of any street during the time of falling snow, sleet or freezing rain or to obstruct or interfere with snow removal and/or sanding. This restriction applies until four (4) hours after the storm has ended.
Kevin January 29, 2013 at 03:53 PM
I'm the one asking for the it not Austin Opinski but Kevin Opinski needs it and you will not help and all you do this come on to name call when I'm a person that has disabilities. I don't see how asking for help is hurtful to the great community. I know many people that go to war and need help when they come back and I give the March of Dimes 2000 so for you to say I'm hurtful is wrong. I wish you the best and would never say no to help others that need it.
Steven DeVaux January 29, 2013 at 06:11 PM
Driving around and videotaping the parking during the last two snow storms clearly demonstrates selective enforcement and probably cause for discrimination - but let Atty. Erikson have the tapes and the meeting's audio recording. Did Mrs. Dores contact you at all to help you?
Kevin January 29, 2013 at 06:25 PM
No one as called or emailed or mailed or faxed me anything about see what we can do to work this out. Its very upsetting trying to get help or even ask for it. when you are being called hurtful to the town.
Kevin January 29, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Thats my kevinopinski@gmail.com


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