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I'm a FACEBOOK joiner, yet I'm not particularly proud of that. I know people who say that Facebook is demoralizing, an invasion of one's privacy and just plain ol' superfluous. I'm 'on' Fb for no good reason, really. I only have 30 something friends, and I use a picture of my cat as a profile thumbnail. I'm not a Friend Collector - I don't know 2645 people.

Generally speaking, I can keep track of my friends' activities..."Joey's football team played in the regional finals"...or chat with a relative. I don't like chatting. I would much prefer face-to-face or the phone, at least. My spelling is atrocious and my focus during a chat is on ,"I before E, except after C," not on typing something witty or meaningful.

Occasionally, someone will post a cartoon, (snow-woman says to snowman as they watch a rabbit coming at them with a blow dryer, "Oh, just give him our noses.")  I'll read about a cause that's forming locally or 'Like' Land's End and President Obama.( I truly do like him...leave me alone, please.) Sometimes the postings are a bit racist a/o vulgar and I cringe as I sit at my PC and think, "Is this really necessary?"

One should be 18 before signing up, yet every 'under-18er' I know has a membership.They write about the need for a significant other, popular music groups and how embarrassing their parents are. I suppose that this is cool to a fourteen year old. I KNOW, they don't say "cool" anymore, but I'm hesitant to acknowledge what they do say. (I believe that our kids are bombarded with way-too-much information at a way-too-young age.) Anyway...

I try to play some of the games. I'm so-so at 'Scrabble' as I can't spell...my son's mother-in-law pulverizes me. I'm decent at the game I do favor, 'Pet Rescue Saga,' but I refuse to buy, on my credit card no less, any additional moves. 'Candy Crush Saga' finds me totally baffled- I just don't get it, and all the 'Bubble' challenges make me dizzy and headache prone. 

I'll end with, "Kudos!" to Mark Zuckerberg who founded this social network with its Billions of users. I may not be a great fan, but damn, I wish it had been MY idea -don't you??


"MAYANS didn't have a leap year in their calendar, so the end of the world actually happened months ago when Facebook went public."
 ~ John Fugelsang


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