Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

A Penny for My Thoughts

 I started to play the lottery. Just one ticket every two weeks. "Ya can't win if ya don't play," they say. (AND, who are 'they' anyway??) I'm doing what people tend to do..I play my son's birthday numbers and a bunch of others that have meaning in my little life. Now, if this hasn't woken you up like 3 cans of RED BULL and had you tweeting everyone ya know...hopefully this will:

~~ Prince Charles--$350 at auction for a 30 year old piece of the Royal wedding TOAST. (As in buttered, cooked bread)

~~Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac Midas--$188,000 for a gold plated 30 liter bottle. (Champagne, don't ya know??)
 ~~ Albert, Texas-- $2.5 million for this 5 person town.
 ~~ Posh Instant Noodles-- $43 a cup.
 ~~ Bugath Veyran--$1,700,000
 ~~ Bluetooth Headset-- $50,000 (diamond encrusted).
 ~~ Frisbee-- $350 (leather).
 ~~ Fishing Lure-- $1 million ( platinum).

 If I bought one of each item with my zillion dollar lottery win, I could/would:
                    Have breakfast--Champagne, toast and noodles.
                    Play Frisbee and go fishing with my 5 new friends.
                    AND, listen to music while I drive home.

 NOW THERE"S AN exciting DAY, HUH?? Yes, I'm shouting cuz it only cost me $7,138,743. (You can check my math which I did by hand).

 "And now for your weekly lottery drawing... 5,7,15,..."

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Ryen December 05, 2012 at 04:18 AM
How much of all these multi-millions of dollars--in this state or in other states--goes to support bloated educational budgets burgeoning larger year after year due to ungainly and unmaintainable teacher union demands for more "bennies" and pay???? Just curious....


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