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Global warming….is it real?  
In the scientific community, the jury is still out…there is no consensus…yet.   Are the weather patterns purely random and just part of the evolving earth and it’s atmosphere? Would we just have hot summers, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. as part of the earth’s natural existence?  Yes.  

Or, are the weather patterns perhaps more severe or more erratic, in part, due to us humans exploiting the earth and releasing tons and tons and tons of gases into the atmosphere?  Gases that, the scientists do agree, contain heat and also create voids or “poke holes” in the earth’s ozone layer.

We mostly hear the term “global warming” when the media is talking about climate change.  With the past winter we just experienced here in the Northeast (and in most of the USA for that matter), how could anyone call that global “warming”?

Although global warming does seem to be a reality, the more appropriate way to describe this phenomenon is “climate change”.  Climate change doe not mean warmer temperatures, although that can certainly be part of it.  More correctly, climate change refers to erratic weather and more severe weather patterns.  

In my mind, the weather over the last 5 to 10 years has become more erratic.  The summers have been setting records for the hottest average temperatures, we have seen incredible droughts, wild and crazy tornado patterns, melting of polar ice, and this winter the “polar vortex” freeze that seems to be the gift that keeps on giving! And the summers here in the northeast are predicted to be “superhot”, with temperatures over a 100 degrees on a regular basis, by 2040.  Would all of this be happening anyway, independent of our human actions here on earth?  
Maybe not as severe.        

If we can change our actions that do LESS harm to the earth, wouldn’t that just be the smartest thing to do either way?  What’s the downside to releasing LESS harmful gases into the earth’s atmosphere?  

The upside is that perhaps we can stop or slow down the damage….and maybe with that the weather patterns won’t become even more erratic.  

How about another upside that affects us personally, every day?  By reducing our energy consumption and the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere, we save money! Lots of money!  And that one the scientists won’t dispute.  And how about this past winter?  Did you spend a lot on energy?  

Often times very simple no-cost or low-cost actions around our homes can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars  -- and at the same time reduce the release of harmful gases.

Save money, and help the earth.  Makes sense.
For more info about ways you can save serious money around your home by reducing the amount of energy you consume, please see my website at   www.saveenergyusa.com

Think energy savings every day.
(when it becomes part of our every day thinking, it will become action)

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