Ladies: Here's How to Add Curves to Your Body

Not all women want to lose weight. There are some of you out there that would love to add more shape to your frame. Here are your guidelines toward success.

If you’re a female who feels like you’re living in a ‘fat loss world’ when all you really want to do is build some curves to your body, let me shed a little light on how to approach your workout and diet program.

Let’s go over some of the main body-changing points that you need to know.

Focus On Strength Training Over Cardio Workouts

I hate to make this sound so gender based, but if I've noticed one thing over my 18-plus years in the fitness industry it's that women are very cardio obsessed. But if you are looking to shape and help add more curves to your body, you need to be focusing more of your energy on strength training as opposed to cardio.

While cardio training is important as it's good for heart health and calorie burning, it won’t change the way your bodies muscles are shaped. Strength training is what will add curves in all the right places.

Start Eating More

If you are built thin and feel you lack the shape you want, you have to take a look at your eating habits. In order to fill out and create curves, you have to feed your body enough calories over the course of the day. Proper nutrition is the fuel that is used to generate lean muscle tissue.

If your main goal is to enhance your lean muscle and shape (as opposed to weight loss being your primary goal) and you've had a hard time accomplishing this task, try adding about 200 calories per day to your diet or 10% of your total calorie intake. This is as simple as adding another serving of oatmeal in the morning and having a banana with your lunch.

Don’t Neglect Rest

Rest is critical to success because it’s when you’re resting that your body will be rebuilding its broken down muscle fibers, allowing you to get stronger.

I've seen too many people (women especially) overdo it with the workout side of things thinking this will help keep them leaner, but really they’re just damaging their progress in doing so.

Pick Up Heavier Weights

If you want to see greater increases in muscle tone and definition, you need to give the body a reason to change.

If you’re lifting the same weight that you’ve comfortably been using for the last 3 weeks, what reason are you giving it?

You aren’t! Challenge yourself – you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.

So if you want to completely change your body, adding more attractive curves and filling out your thin frame, make sure that you follow these steps to success. If you need help, I encourage you to consult with a qualified fitness professional.

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