Is Yogurt Really a "Healthy" Food Choice?

Many of you eat yogurt thinking that you are making a healthy choice. But are you?

If you are someone who is conscious of eating healthy or diets for weight loss, one food that you might reach for to include into the diet plan is yogurt. Yogurt is a much-liked food by many people. But is it a smart addition?

The answer is....Maybe.

Not all yogurts are created equally. My goal today in this blog post is to educate you on how to precisely choose the healthiest product.

Let’s take a look at the main things that you should consider...

The Sugar Content

The very first thing that you should be looking at in a yogurt is the sugar content. This is where most yogurts tend to have their downfall.

If you’re purchasing any yogurt that contains ‘fruit at the bottom’ or a fruit flavored yogurt that doesn’t specifically state that it’s low in sugar, chances are good that the sugar content is going to be quite high.

Ideally the yogurt you choose should have no more than 3-5 grams of sugar per serving. If it does contain more, you’ll want to rethink it as it will just create a blood sugar high followed by a crash.

Added Fiber

The next thing to look for in your yogurt is whether it has any added fiber. Many yogurt brands are now adding extra fiber to help increase your daily intake. An added benefit of this is that the fiber will help to slow the release of the natural milk sugars down in the body, making the yogurt more satiating.

If you're someone who struggles to get their fiber intake in, this will obviously help out.

The Protein Value

Finally, the last thing that you’ll want to consider is the protein value. Since yogurt is primarily a dairy source, you’ll want to ensure that it does provide you with a decent amount of protein.

3-5 grams as some of the higher sugar yogurt varieties provide isn’t enough. So if that’s all you’re getting, you’ll want to think twice about including this in your diet plan.

Try and find a yogurt that contains at least 8 grams of protein or more. If you opt for Greek yogurt, you’ll easily get this and also have a very low sugar content as well.

That's it! The main things that you’ll want to note when choosing a good yogurt. If chosen properly, this is a great addition to any healthy diet plan.

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Adele Friedman April 29, 2013 at 11:37 AM
Hi Jim, a couple of additional thoughts: some Greek yogurts aren't thickened the traditional way, by straining off the whey. They are thickened by added ingredients, like gelatin or starches. As for fiber, some of them add inulin, derived from chickory root, and a substance a lot of people have problems digesting. If the fiber comes from fruit, cereal or some other add-in, that may be a good choice. But in its pure state, NO yogurt contains any fiber. So it's worth considering the source. As always, I think reading ingredients first is a good thing to do. If a food contains ingredients I don't want to eat at all...why would I care how few or how many calories and other macronutrients it has?


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