4 Smart Food Replacements

4 smart food replacements that will satisfy your taste buds while helping you burn up body fat.

The holiday season is here! And that means the New Year's Resolutions are just around the corner. The 3 top resolutions every year are: 1) Lose weight, 2) Quit Smoking, and 3) Save Money.

If you are one of the people that plans to "go on a diet" as soon as the New Year hits, one thing that you should consider is what you can use as food replacements for some of the higher calorie items on your list.

Many people often think that they need to do a complete diet overhaul in order to see good results from their fat loss program.

This, however, isn’t the case at all. As long as you keep a few key things in mind, you can very easily put together a diet plan that will satisfy your taste buds while helping you burn up body fat.

Let’s look at a few alternatives for you to consider.


Swap Pasta For Spaghetti Squash

The first swap to make is to exchange out your usual serving of pasta and go with some spaghetti squash instead.  Spaghetti squash has the same texture as regular pasta and while it will taste slightly different, it can easily be used instead of usual spaghetti in your meatball dishes.


Swap Oatmeal For Granola

The next food swap to consider is oatmeal for granola.  Store bought granola is often incredibly high in sugar, fat, and calories. So if fat loss is your goal, I highly advise you to avoid it.

Instead, toast your own oats.  Simply place them in a pan over medium heat, stirring constantly for 3-5 minutes.


Swap Cottage Cheese For Sour Cream

Another quick change that will easily improve the nutritional value of your diet is to exchange cottage cheese for some sour cream.

Sour cream is very high in saturated fat and will add unnecessary calories to your daily intake. Go for cottage cheese instead.  It’s high in protein and, being that it’s of the casein variety, it will keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time.


Swap Frozen Bananas For Ice Cream

Finally, if you’re an ice cream lover who just can’t get past their craving, try frozen bananas instead.  These have a similar texture to that of ice cream but will obviously be fat free and high in potassium.


So there you have some smart food swaps that you should be considering in your fat loss meal plan.  Rather than trying to make a complete diet overhaul, just keep these types of simple changes in mind and you’ll be headed towards success.

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