Elf on the Shelf Ideas

What kind of mischief does your special scout from the North Pole get into?

This Elf on a Shelf has a musical mind. Credit: Ray Du Bois
This Elf on a Shelf has a musical mind. Credit: Ray Du Bois
It's that time of year when families adopt their very own Elf on the Shelf. This special scout helps St. Nick manage his naughty or nice list. 

The elf flies back to the North Pole each night to tell Santa all about the goings-on that day. When he comes back to his family, he perches in a different observation spot and the children in the family have to find him each day.

He's a pretty creative elf. Sometimes he stretches a zipline across a room or makes snow angels out of flour in the kitchen.

What are some of your elf on the shelf ideas? Post your elf pics in our photo gallery or tell us about his shenanigans in the comments! 
Jean Lapointe Antosh December 09, 2013 at 07:43 AM
I find the whole Elf on a Shelf idea disturbing. Isn't it a bit creepy for a child to think they are being watched 24 hours a day by an elf who will determine whether they are worthy of Christmas presents or not? It may seem like a cute idea on the surface but a child's mind could be stressed about this. One of my friend's grandchildren asked their mother: "Can't the elf see me go to the bathroom?" There ya go.


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