YIR: Top Videos of 2011

Editor's choice for Top 10 Videos of the Year.

Muskrats Swim for Maggie

In a touching display of unity for their late teammate, , the . The team for their uniforms and transportation, however this year they raised over $4,000. Many of the kids swam two or three times as many laps as they had in years past and the team opened the swim-a-thon to the public, who chipped in to help raise money for a tribute to Maggie at the .

10th Anniversary of Sept. 11

Brookfield held a terrorist attacks in the memorial garden at . Town officials and community representatives spoke about the tragic affects of the attacks and the Brookfield residents lost to acts of terrorism in the last decade.

Follow these links for and .

Changing American Dream

Brookfield resident and multi-media journalist brought him in contact with four locals from different backgrounds with very different views.

Still River Rages

After dumped inches of rain on Brookfield, the Still River was raging at flood warning levels. Reader Alise Beccaria next to the .

Fallen Heroes

Just in time for Memorial Day, the hosted an exhibit . The video includes excerpts from the exhibit and an interview with a Gold Star mother.

Kids Vote

Students from (CES), (HHES), (WMS) and (BHS) during the first budget vote this year, deciding on a range of topics from which endangered animal to sponsor to what channel to watch during lunch.

Kids Day

The (BVFD) held their annual Kids Day fair in June, which gave us : blazing fire, police tactical gear, a rollover simulator and little kids in turnout gear.

Last Space Shuttle Launch

WMS teacher Geoff Bergen was on hand to witness the , the last shuttle mission of the NASA space program, and a Patch reporter was on hand to report.

72-hour Blackout

After three days without power, , fueling generators and stopping by the for showers.

Sumo Wrestling

The rented special suits for a sumo wrestling session in the community room. … hilarity ensued. 


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