Year in Review: Top Videos of 2012

Mock mass casualty incident, a look at the class of 2012, a 23-year-old drive through town and some cute animals, too.

We’re kicking off the Year in Review with our Top Videos of 2012. This year features videos from Brookfield Patch staff, submitted by readers and discovered on YouTube.

And, though not as action-packed as some other clips, we’ve also thrown in some cute local animal footage, as well. Enjoy.

Grand Opening of Kids Kingdom II

Brookfield families packed the new Kids Kingdom II for the ribbon cutting ceremony in May and local kids spoke on camera about test driving the new playground. Overall the new $500,000 playground was a hit, a fitting replacement to the beloved, volunteer-built Kids Kingdom erected in 1989.

Brookfield Class of 2012

Class of 2012 Brookfield High School (BHS) senior and amateur videographer Christian Ball shared his tribute to this year’s graduating class, a fun movie featuring all the seniors. Meet Brookfield’s Class of 2012.

A Nostalgic Ride Through Town

A former Brookfield resident, Bruno Freire, found an old VHS of a 1989 drive from Brookfield to Danbury. Freire uploaded the video to YouTube and shared it with Brookfield Patch, posing the question, “Has it changed much?”

Video Dig Reports I, II and III

Brookfield’s own Urban Archeologist, Greg Van Antwerp, an avid tag sale-er and Patch columnist brought his camcorder along on three “digs” this summer, producing his first three Video Dig Reports. Enter Greg’s world as he rummages through local history and piles of what appears to be junk before gaining early access to an estate sale.

Mock Mass Casualty Incident

In late August, Brookfield’s first responders received a distress call from the Bird Sanctuary on Old Bridge Road. The call was actually a mass casualty drill, testing the town’s emergency crews on how to handle situations with multiple people dead or wounded.

As an exercise no one was actually injured. The “victims” were played by friends and family members of the volunteer responders, as well as at least one future firefighter.

Fawns and a Lounging Bobcat

We leave you now with three videos of animals enjoying Brookfield’s bucolic nature. Two of young deer: one uploaded to YouTube by a local family and another of a baby fawn scavenging during a campaign event in town. The final video was uploaded by a reader and features a good-sized bobcat lounging under an outdoor rocking chair.

Brian Kelly December 24, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Check this out, I posted a video about the Graffiti Bridge here in town...It was too big to post here.... http://youtu.be/3d994QqJwuM


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