Year in Review: 2012 Editor's Choice

The most important, interesting and "shocking" stories of 2012.

Super Storm Sandy

The single story that affected more Brookfield residents than any other in 2012 is undoubtedly the super storm that crashed into Connecticut in the last days of October (reminding residents of the terrible Winter Storm Alfred exactly one year before). Super Storm Sandy approached the northeast as a hurricane before colliding with a nor’easter to bring even higher winds and leave more than three-quarters of Brookfield without power.

Brookfield was at 100 percent power less than a week later but the storm left behind significant damage to the town.

Tragedy in Neighboring Newtown

Though it happened in the next town over, the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown shook the entire world, not the least of which were Brookfield residents, many of whom have close friends and family directly affected by the tragedy.

As the world came to grips with the unspeakable, Brookfield students went back to school and parents and educators began an important discussion on how to ensure it never happens again.

Dog Park Proposed for Happy Landings

Our most-commented story of the year was also (not surprisingly) one of the more important stories of the year: .

Ultimately the decision was put to voters at a referendum, where they decided against the location by a margin of 3:1. The organizers of Kanine Kingdom said they will continue to look for a proper location, though a suitable one has yet to be found.

Vote on Charter Revisions

Along with federal, state and local elections being decided this past November, Brookfield residents faced nine proposed revisions to the Town Charter, some of which would have changed the town’s government significantly. After much debate in the community — especially on the proposals to hire a town manager, increase the Board of Selectmen membership from three to five and allowing voters to increase the budget at the Annual Town Meeting — only two revisions passed: amending the charter to allow for non-binding advisory questions on budget referendums and for residents to petition actions of the Board of Finance.

Your Editor is Targeted by Lightning

During a (relatively mild) thunderstorm in late July, your editor was the target of what appears to have been a failed lightning strike. The shocking and confusing experience was enlightened by Whisconier Middle School science teacher Geoff Bergen, who explained the physics involved and laid out likely scenarios for what happened.


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