Where to Watch the Transit of Venus Online

Because of Connecticut's cloudy skies, it may be best to view the transit of Venus online. Here's a compilation of websites where you can view the planet on the move and locations in Connecticut too, if the clouds clear.

Tonight's cloud cover may mean us Connecticut folk won't be able to view Venus in transit in the traditional way. Since the next time Venus goes on the move isn't until 2117, we compiled websites to watch the transit on since this may be our only chance.

After 2117, the next Venus in transit will occur in 2125.

Websites to Watch the Venus Transit Online

If the Clouds Clear

If the skies clear, there are safety tips to follow when viewing Venus. Our astronomy blogger Aaron Turner wrote about . Quick tip: Don't look directly at the sun.

Scheduled transit events in Connecticut will take place from about 5:30 p.m. until sunset at about 8:22 p.m at the following locations, but it's best to call ahead.

  • The Discovery Museum, 4450 Park Ave., Bridgeport 203-372-3521 
  • Rolnick Observatory, 182 Bayberry Lane, Westport 203-293-8759 
  • Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium, 355 Prospect St., New Haven 203-285-8840 
  • Connecticut Museum of Natural History, University of Connecticut, Storrs 860-486-4460 
  • Danbury White Memorial Conservation Center, 80 Whitehall Road, Litchfield

Happy Venus Viewing!


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