Gurski Farmstead Blacksmithing Demonstration Sizzles

Brookfield Historical Society open house at Gurski Farmstead showcases historic property.

Brookfield was abuzz on Saturday, starting with the Garden Club's morning plant sale at the . Up the road, Gene Roberts greeted visitors at the . Around the corner at the Gurski farmstead, the open house was a destination throughout the afternoon.

It was 80 degrees in the shade, and even toastier inside the Forge at the farmstead, but no one was complaining. Blacksmith demonstrator Ryan Blessey wished aloud for a fan or even a window, but in order for the stove to reach the requisite temperature to soften steel into horseshoes and various tools, high heat was par for the course. In fact, Blessey never stopped smiling as he gave a hands-on blacksmithing demonstration to a crowd that ranged from toddler to senior.

Beyond the distressed vintage red barns and farmhouse, the Forge itself was surrounded with a sprinkling of vintage cars and farm equipment, including a tractor that children took turns sitting on.


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Up the hill from the Forge, the warm weather encouraged the Lion's community garden to spring to life, and adjacent was the cemetary, with tours offered throughout the day. According to Roberts, a number of historic headshones have recently been discovered in the cemetary about 6-8 feet underground. 

The Gurski open house was hosted by the Brookfield Historical Society and was free and open to the public. Look for upcoming Historical Society events in the Local Voices section of Brookfield Patch.

The Brookfield Historical Society is located at 165 Whisconier Road and can be reached at 203-740-8140.

Gurski Farmstead is located .4 miles north of the Brookfield Museum and Historical society on Route 133.


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