Clean Water to Flow in Greenridge Monday

United Water and Aquarion say Greenridge residents will have water Feb. 6.

United Water announced February 3 that water should be flowing through the new pipeline to Greenridge customers on Monday, February 6. The company that connects to the .

Prior to the construction of the new pipeline, .

“We are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a new reliable supply of clean, healthy water,” said Michael J. Pointing, vice president of United Water. “Since we became responsible for the Greenridge system in 2008, we worked hard to get our customers a new water supply as quickly as possible… When we open the pipeline on Monday, these families will have water that meets all standards for drinking water safety.”

Pointing noted that Greenridge customers may notice a change in the taste of the water.

“That is due to the addition of chlorine to disinfect the water,” he said. “Chlorination is necessary to ensure that the water is safe for drinking. We expect that customers will adjust to the difference in a short period of time. In the interim, they may wish to chill tap water in a clean container in the refrigerator. This will help reduce the chlorine taste."


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