Improve When Appropriate

Former CRC member believes that "good enough" is insufficient.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  We have been hearing this phrase by many opponents of the proposed revisions to the Brookfield Charter.  But should this be a guiding principle when looking to improve our town's operations?  I think not.  I still have a corded princess phone just in case we have a blackout.  It works fine.  It is not broken.  But does my family use it as our standard phone?  Of course not.

How about wooden tennis rackets?  You can hit the ball and play a game with them.  But is wood the material of choice for modern tennis players?  No.  There are too many other materials that perform better than wood.  Wood is not broken but there are clearly better options out there.

Businesses don't wait for things to break before they improve them.  If you doubt that, just look at Apply, the company with the largest market capitalization.  They must be doing something right.  They are constantly making improvements to the product line.  The original iPhone was released June 29, 2007.  A little over five years later, they release the iPhone 5.  Were the previous versions "broken?"  I don't think so.  Do you?  But they are always striving for better, never willing to rest with good enough.

We should want the best for our town.  Based upon the facts and evidence that we researched or was brought to the CRC, I cast my votes for proposals when I felt they would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our town government.  The performance of our government is too important to leave to "good enough."

Dave Propper

Member of the former Charter Revision Commission

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Bob McGarrah October 25, 2012 at 11:30 AM
All this "discourse" yet no one has demonstrated, described of given examples of the compelling need so often talked about when it was still the Charter review commission. As for the Four Corners, so much of that property is contaminated by over 300 years of heavy industry that development there will be exteremely costly or impossible. Just look at the bill to remediate the BJ's site and that was just one Dry Cleaning store. Four Corners has old hat factories, lime kilns, foundries and a multitude of similar heavy industry sites going back 300+ years. Visit the Brookfield Historical Society and learn for your self. Better still, visit the EPA web site and view the currently identified polluted/contaminated sites. Why do we keep talking about Four Corners when most Public officials are well aware of the environmental problems (or certainly should be). Bob McGarrah
Steven DeVaux October 25, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Bob, Developers don't want to suffer cathestrophic loses on their holding at Four Corners so anything is something. I hope there's no conflict of interests though. Without recusal, it's back to the Ethics Commission.
paul gonzales October 25, 2012 at 12:12 PM
you have to have heart an soul to make any thing in this road of life to work it cant be bought.- throughout the age of time- man forged his way to where we are now= by being creative an being physical an spiritual. just look at our history. what does a so called highly educated person from another part of the country no about our town, an has long has i am on a tear let me add - lets stop the growth an lets take take care of what we now have which needs attention =infrastructure development an management most important of all education
Steven DeVaux October 26, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Paul, Exactly we need to focus and keep it simple. Not chase problems we don't have.
Susan Balla October 26, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Since living here in Brookfield for the last on and off sixty years we have always had a first selectman with two other selectman. The town was run with percission. Every person that was elected took care of our town; even when I lived in Candlewood Shores which was originally with New Fairfield. The people of the shores asked Brookfield if we could splinter from New Fairfield and come to Brookfield because the families did not want to bus their kids all around the lake to go to school. The kids would be on buses for more than an hour. Back then everyone knew everybody in Brookfield even back in the fifties when there was only three thousand people here. We have always relied on everyone to pull together even our government employees. We do not need a town manager to hire or fire people. This is another buracracy. With what they are planning for the salary of this person that means our taxes go up again. Where will it end when you tax everyone out of the town? I was glad that I had a chance to serve the people of Brookfield. It was a real eye opener to know that I was making a difference in seniors lives which trickled down to the families.


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