Thank You to All That Voted

Whether you voted for me or not, it is voting that's important.

Good Morning,

First and foremost I want to thank those of you that came out to vote for me. I received 2,162 votes and I am truly grateful to my supporters. I actually had more votes than one of the Democrats but Connecticut State law mandates that one party cannot have too big of a majority so although I won, I cannot be seated on the board. Because of this law a person that lost the election will once again be on the board. Personally this law seems un-American and goes against the will of the people but it is the law for now and we have to respect it even if we may not agree with it.

Secondly, I want to thank those that came out to vote period. Even though you may have not voted for me, the important thing is that you voted. Many men and women in are armed forces have died defending our very right to vote. Many citizens of other countries have died trying to exercise that very right. The Brookfield Patch is reporting that this was the second lowest turnout in town history and I must admit that bothers me. Every vote counts and every citizen should exercise this important right. As it is said, “Those that do not exercise their rights eventually lose them.” In the future I will work to change that and make sure every citizen knows just how important it is to exercise this very important right.

I also want to congratulate Harry Shaker, Scott McCarthy, Paul Checco and Susan Queenan and all the candidates that won their respective races.

Lastly, I encourage all parents and citizens to stay involved with the school and other town issues. This is not a time to sit home until the next election, this is a time to make your voices heard and exercise your rights. Trust me, your voice does make a difference and I can assure you that I for one will stay very involved with the schools and the town.

Thanks again and God Bless, Chris

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Loving Mom November 10, 2011 at 11:54 AM
It does seem wrong that you won, but you lost the seat due to minority representation. I just found out that Brookfield is the only state that has this rule. Too bad. I hope you will try again next time - you got a lot of votes! I think you would have been a really good addition to the BOE.
Bob McGarrah November 15, 2011 at 11:34 AM
Brookfield loses qualified and honest candidates due to the minority representation rule. Quality volunteers are hard to find, honest ones even harder, thanks for running, you did your best, the voters spoke and the system canceled the vote. I can only hope you will run for some office in the future. The elections should be about character, that isn't always the case.


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