Regional Gas Prices: July 23

Where to find the cheapest gas in the Greater Danbury/Waterbury area.

Gas prices have continued to increase across the Greater Danbury/Waterbury for the third week.

The cheapest gas can now only be found in the $3.90s. Danbury and Naugatuck have some of the largest spectrum of prices, but both include some of the cheapest gas at $3.93 per gallon of regular fuel.

Drivers should avoid Southbury and Woodbury as some of the most expensive gas can be found there. 

Below is a list of the cheapest and most expensive fuel prices across the Greater Danbury/Waterbury that were compiled through reports at gasbuddy.com and motortrend.com . The cheapest/most expensive prices are indicated in bold. 

Town Cheapest Most Expensive Bethel $3.95 Sunoco, 124 Putnam Park Rd $4.14 Shell, 202 Greenwood Ave Brookfield $4.05 Shell, 138 Federal Rd $4.14 Shell, 819 Federal Rd Danbury

$3.93 Sunoco, 64 Newtown Rd

$4.15 Mobil, 77 Lake Ave Middlebury $4.09 Mobil, 492 Middlebury Rd $4.10 Shell, 520 Middlebury Rd Monroe $4.05, Gulf 505 Monroe Tpke/Cross Hill Rd $4.14 Mobil, 405 Monroe Tpke Naugatuck $3.93 Irving, 620 N. Church St $4.13 Citgo, 800 New Haven Rd Newtown $4.05 Citgo, 151 S. Main St $4.15 Shell, 286 S. Main St  New Milford $3.95 Valero, 61 Danbury Rd $3.97 Citgo, 4 East St Oxford $4.09 Global, 357 Oxford Rd $4.15 Mobil, 1 Oxford Rd Southbury $4.09 Mobil, 1244 Strongtown Rd $4.19 Mobil, 997 Main St Woodbury $4.01 Shell, 24 Main St
$4.19 Citgo, 83 Main St

Editor's Note: These are the most updated prices according to gasbuddy.com and motortrend.com. Prices may have changed by the time this article was posted.

Hank July 24, 2011 at 07:49 PM
Well ...ah Blumenthal has a history of spouting mistruths...but ya gotta get $upport where you can...and a lot of you voted for him for some reason
Hank July 24, 2011 at 07:52 PM
call our new attorney general....lack of enforcement....this is our return on our taxes from our state government
Christine E. July 24, 2011 at 09:10 PM
As of 2011, the credit card companies have amended their merchant agreements. An explanation can be read here on Visa's website http://usa.visa.com/download/merchants/Card-Acceptance-in-US-and-its-Territories-PUBLIC-April-2011.pdf It's important for people to know the rules, because merchants violate them CONSTANTLY.
socrates July 24, 2011 at 10:57 PM
Get used to it. This is what Obama promised and he is delivering. Just wait until you see how much home heating oil costs this winter. Then get ready for a 50% increase in electricity costs.
socrates July 24, 2011 at 10:59 PM
Blumenthal is a jerk. He is worth $95 million and he still is collecting a $51,000 pension from the state of CT. I cannot understand why people vote democrat.


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