Did Somebody Say Vroom Service?

New food delivery service comes to town to bring local cuisine right to your front door.

Have a hankering for some surf and turf but don't feel like getting out of your pajamas?  Craving some chicken chimichangas but your car's in the shop? No worries.  Call Vroom Service Now, and they'll deliver dinner right to your door. 

Vroom Service Now, a restaurant food delivery service, opened its doors on February 22 and has been zoomin' around town making hungry people happy ever since.

The owner, Scott Leandra of Newtown, "thought of the idea out of necessity about a year and a half ago. I wanted to be a customer," he said. "There was a service about 12 years ago in the area, but they are no longer in business."

Leandra started his delivery service in Newtown and just recently expanded to include Brookfield, Danbury, Bethel and New Fairfield.  Leandra, who is originally from Texas, lived in Brookfield for nine years.

Experienced in sales and marketing for the last 25 years, in the mortgage business for the last 13, Leandra is familiar with what it takes to run a business.  Despite the economy, he chose to open shop and is happy he did.

"This business provides employment for people with no jobs," and it provides a valuable service for those who are home-bound, according to Leandra. "When people can't get out of the house because they have a limited variety of what they can do personally, we come to them." Leandra said.

The company's unofficial motto is, "We're here to serve and to spoil."

Vroom Service Now's office is in Sandy Hook and they currently have 20 drivers who work as independent contractors.  The drivers rely heavily upon tips because "they use their own gas and their own cars." 

For Brookfield residents, the restaurants who participate with the service include Panchos and Gringos,  Hot Shots, TK's, Widow Brown's, and coming soon, John's Best Pizza.  Although three of the five restaurants listed are not in Brookfield, they are close enough along the town border for the drivers to deliver to Brookfield residents. Other towns have other restaurants to choose from specific to their location.

What makes the service unique is most food delivery services are pizza restaurants, which limits variety.  Vroom Service Now works with restaurants such as Widow Brown's, that have a wide variety of selections, such as strip steak, pork chops, meatloaf and seafood.

The way the service works is customers log on to their website, enter their zip code and click on a tab that opens their restaurant's menu.  By clicking on the items it puts them in the shopping cart.  Next, they choose a delivery time and Vroom Service Now will deliver to their home, office or hotel room, usually within an hour after the order was placed. 

If a restaurant wants to sign up to participate, they pay Vroom Service Now a commission, but there is no startup fee, no long-term contracts and no minimum to the restaurant, according to Leandra.

Vroom Service Now is also in the process of "setting up a restaurant food donation program," where restaurants donate their unused food to local area soup kitchens.  Vroom will then deliver it to those food pantries.

Vroom Service Now has 18 "restaurant partners" in the greater Danbury area and just added Gary's Ribs in New Milford and Villarina's Pasta Shop in Newtown.  Villarina's sells a large amount of freshly-made gluten-free pasta which is a nice service to have delivered, since not many other local restaurants offer it.

Leandra started his business with the help of his business partners Pete Powers and George Nault, both of Brookfield. Unfortunately Nault passed away this past March at the age of 40 from a massive heart attack, according to Leandra. "George was a lot of people's best friend and it was a huge loss in the area, let alone for me personally.  He was my best friend and that's why I wanted to open the business with him."  Leandra said he was the last one to speak with Nault before he passed away.  Nault was on his way to work when he died.  "He was very proud and excited to do what he was doing," he said.

Leandra said his wife also helps out, as does his daughter, who attends WestConn.

They are marketing the new business through mailers and promotions, but word of mouth has proven to be the best marketing tool. "We have gotten a lot of repeat business in a short amount of time and we want to get the word out there that we're here."

To place an order go to their website or call (203) 270-FOOD. Vroom Service Now accepts cash or credit card payments.  

Keri September 30, 2012 at 02:18 PM
In theory, Vroom Service is a great idea, if it was executed better. It is great to have multiple restaurants that are not fast food to deliver to you and being able to do this online is convenient so that you don’ t have to worry about orders being wrong – you would think right? We have ordered probably every 2 weeks for a year or more. You are paying for convenience. However, about 50% of our ORDERS WERE WRONG. A lot of times we couldn’t eat the food it was so incorrect. And the worst part is, the owner would claim it was the restaurant’s fault versus owning up to the mistakes of the way they put the orders in. Talk about poor ethics– slamming your businesses that are supposed to keep you in business and you are supposed to be SUPPORTING. Most of the time we would not say anything about the wrong orders and silly us kept going back thinking it was one-off instances. I did contact a few times and got an attitude from the owner, and never even so much as a THANK YOU for your hundreds – wait probably thousands – of dollars you have spent with our business. Never even a coupon or offer - nothing. A Thank you would have been nice. I am writing this review to WARN you don’t waste your money. Call somewhere else or pick up your food. It is not worth the money and frustrations. Don’t be a fool like me and keep contributing to a business who could care less and can't even get the core of their business right.
Lucia September 30, 2012 at 10:10 PM
Thank you so much for giving this warning. I was thinking of using this service, but now will not. Who wants to eat food not ordered! Thanks again...


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