'Face the King' Returns to The Room Friday

Rising Long Island band returns to Brookfield venue.

Long Island band Face the King, winners of the in September, is returning to the Brookfield music club on Friday, a venue the band has grown attached to.

Singer/guitarist Eric Zirlinger said it can be difficult to get out-of-state shows, but when Vern Nickerson, co-owner of , contacted them they jumped at a chance to expand their fan base geographically.

They played one show in Brookfield, then decided to return for the i95-sponsored Rumble.

“We had a huge sing-along and it was a great experience,” bassist Joey Dammacco said of their last show at The Room. “I don’t think we’d have that type of opportunity in another place.”

“Our goal is for everybody to feel like they’re part of our show,” Zirlinger said, urging anyone who plans to attend to check out their song “Colours” [YouTube video above] so they can sing along. “We play for the fans.”

Dan DelVecchio, guitarist and newest member of the band (joining back in June), compared their style of music to Muse, U2, Radiohead and Foo Fighters, however Zirlinger described it more “like Ani DiFranco if Ani DiFranco didn’t sound like Ani DiFranco but sounded like U2.”

Dammacco offered a simpler: “Alternative rock.”

For two years, Face the King has been recording out of a studio in Amityville, NY that is “so disgusting it can only be described as amazing,” Zirlinger said, but after playing a packed Gramercy Park in June they’re looking to rise. (DelVecchio joined the three original members, Dammacco, Zirlinger and drummer Anthony Soriano just before the June show.)

“This is all we want to do,” Zirlinger said, admitting that he and Dammacco still maintain day jobs to make ends meet, but that “jobs have gotten in the way.” He pointed out that DelVecchio quit his day job and plays solo gigs on the side to make extra money, but the “sole purpose is to raise money to keep doing what we’re doing,” Zirlinger said.

“We’ve had a lot of really good bands,” Nickerson said of inviting them back for another show, “But these guys are far and away the best band we’ve had.”

Face the King will be at The Room Friday night with the Fake Foo Fighters. .

Vern Nickerson October 12, 2011 at 04:51 PM
Can't wait till Friday. The Fake Foo Fighters / Face The King / Charetta / Bushwhack / Speak in Verse & Delayed Awakening. Gonna be a KILLER show!
Vern Nickerson October 14, 2011 at 06:37 PM
Face the King played a track on i95 - "Ethan and Lou in the Morning" today. The Burning and The Falling Down : http://www.theroomct.com/mp3/i95FTKburning.mp3


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