Crafty Leftover Recipes: Ham

Get what you paid for the pig, and then some.


Holiday ham comes but once a year, however, sometimes it just won't go away. Instead of tossing the leftover meat, or just giving it to the dog, Patch brings you menu options for the week.

We've compiled some ideas for every level cook and for meals throughout the day.

And don't forget, even the hambone can have a second life as split pea soup or boiled up with beans.


1. Ham and Mac n Cheese

2. Chopped Salad — Prep, cook time is 15 minutes and requires roughly 15 ingredients.

3. Ham and Egg Sandwiches


1. Ham  Chowder

2. Hawaiian Pizza

3. Deviled Ham Muffins Petite


1. Corn and Ham Fritters with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes — Prep, cook time may vary and requires 14 ingredients. 

2. Ham and Polenta Casserole — Prep, cook time is 40 minutes and requires seven ingredients.

3. Ham and Swiss Cheese Broccoli Quiche

Editors note, tomorrow we'll have candy cane suggestions. Stay tuned!

Claudia DeFrance December 30, 2012 at 12:32 PM
Very basic ..chopped ham and pickle.....cut up ham, put in food processor with a few dill pickles..chop...add some mayonnaise..fabulous sandwiches.....


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